Montevallo Launches State’s First Bike-Share Program

Montevallo wants to become a more sustainable and greener city in Alabama…and the first step is to get people to abandon the cars and tour their main streets on foot.

The City of Montevallo and University of Montevallo have partnered to create ValloCycle, a bike share program for residents and visitors. ValloCycle is one of the first city-wide bike share programs in the state of Alabama.  For $25.00 a year, you can check out a bike for a whole week from the local library.  Regions was one of the companies that donated 20 of their green bikes for the program.  “Montevallo is a walkable city,” says Mary Lou Williams, Executive Director of the Montevallo Chamber of Commerce, “we are very excited about this endeavor and have some passionate people onboard to help with the program.”

The program officially launched October 14th. You can go to to fill out a membership form and learn more.


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